Week52 (Part 3): A year in music -- 2019/2020

Logo designed by Harpreet Singh;  www.heyharpreet.com

Logo designed by Harpreet Singh; www.heyharpreet.com

for the VINYL section of this blog, the concept is a simple one: i take a different classical composition for a weeklong spin on the turntable, along the way i might come across a couple interesting facts about the composer, excerpts from relevant letters, someone else’s profound insights about the spirit of the composition etc---throwing in my own quips for good measure. it is as well a learning process, a makeshift masterclass on the history of western music and an ongoing investigation of the magnificent contours that define the musical experience. gearing up for another 52 weeks of some of the best music i can find on vinyl, i’ve put together a roster of compositions that will proceed in tandem with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s 2019/2020 season and features: seventeen symphonies, ten piano concertos, eight violin concertos and one opera across thirty-one composers. the full schedule is listed below; and as with everything i do on this blog, i’m always in search of collaborators and contributors! so if you’d like to chime in with some relevant thoughts on any particular composition/week i’d be more than happy to host you :) (email at blueribandweekly@gmail.ccom)


W1) Frederic Chopin - Waltzes No.1-18

W2) Frederic Chopin - Piano Concerto No.2

W3) Frederic Chopin - Nocturnes

W4) Frederic Chopin - Piano Concerto No.1


W5) J.S. Bach - Brandenberg Concertos No. 2,3 and 5

W6) Antonio Vivaldi - The Four Seasons

W7) Clara Schumann - Piano Concerto in A Minor

W8) Aram Khachaturian - Violin Concerto in D Minor

W9) Johannes Brahms - Symphony No. 3


W10) Jean Sibelius - Symphony No.3

W11) Jean Sibelius - Violin Concerto in D Minor

W12) Jean Sibelius - Nightride/Tone Poems

W13) Jean Sibelius - Symphony No.1


W14) Sergei Prokofiev - Symphony No.3

W15) Dmitri Shostakovich - Symphony No.10

W16) Sergei Rachmaninoff - Piano Concerto No.2

W17) Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Symphony No.6


W18) Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Violin Concerto

W19) Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Piano Concerto No.1

W20) Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake

W21) George Gershwin - An American In Paris

W22) George Frideric Handel - Watermusic/Music for the Royal Fireworks


W23) Richard Strauss - Thus Spoke Zarathustra

W24) William Grant Still - Afro-American Symphony

W25) Joseph Haydn - Quartets No.4-6

W26) Felix Mendelssohn - Symphony No.3


W27) Felix Mendelssohn - Violin Concerto in E Minor

W28) Anton Bruckner - Symphony No.7

W29) Florence Beatrice Price - TBD

W30) Max Bruch - Violin Concerto No.1

MARCH 2020

W31) Ludwig van Beethoven - Violin Concerto

W32) Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony No.7

W33) Ludwig van Beethoven - Piano Concerto No.4

W34) Ludwig van Beethoven - Piano Concerto No.5

W35) Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony No.6

APRIL 2020

W36) Antonín Dvorak - Symphony No.9

W37) Antonín Dvorak - Violin Concerto

W38) Franz Schubert - Impromptus 1-4, D.899, OP.90

W39) Gustav Mahler - Symphony No.5

MAY 2020

W40) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Symphony No.39

W41) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Symphony No.40

W42) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Piano Concerto No.11

W43) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Piano Concerto No.27

W44) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Violin Concerto No.1

JUNE 2020

W45) Leonard Bernstein - Symphony No.3

W46) Franz Liszt - Part 2 of Etudes

W47) Franz Liszt - Piano Concerto No.2

W48) Erik Satie - Gnossiennes

JULY 2020

W49) Camille Saint-Saens - Symphony No.3

W50) Camille Saint-Saens - Carnival of Animals

W51) Cecile Chaminade - TBD

W52) Benjamin Britten - Turn of the Screw