Week52 (Part 2): 'Gratitude pours forth continually'

Gratitude pours forth continually, as if the unexpected had happened---the gratitude of the convalescent---for convalescence was unexpected. “” friedrich nietzsche, The Gay Science

‘At the Theatre’ by Albert Guillaume (1915)

‘At the Theatre’ by Albert Guillaume (1915)

‘Gratitude pours forth continually’---was the motto at the inception of this blog, and is still the very apropo slogan to encapsulate how i feel about this last year in music. i couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities that have come my way because of, or in tandem with, this blog. my highest priority at the start of Year 2--that began last august--was the opportunity to host the contributions of other like-minded writers in the performing-arts; to that extent my luck could not have been better. before going into Year 3, i want take this opportunity to thank all the good and sincere people who have participated in the growth of this blog. incredibly grateful for the generosities of: 

Anna Paliy (Contributor)

Avril Sequeira (Canadian Opera Company)

Barbora Krsek (Royal Conservatory Orchestra)

Cailin Collett (National Ballet School)

Ella Batten (MPMG Arts)

Emily Trace (Contributor)

Erin Baldwin (Contributor)

Francine Labelle (Toronto Symphony Orchestra)

Harpreet Singh (Logo designer)

Jeannette Zingg (Opera Atelier)

Jenna Simeonov (Schmopera)

Jeremy Lewis (Illustrator)

John Nyman (Contributor)

Jonathan Crow (Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Toronto Summer Music, New Orford Quartet)

Karen Lorenowicz (Toronto Summer Music)

Laura Murray (MPMG Arts)

Leslie Ashworth (Contributor)

Luisa Trisi (Tafelmusik, Big Picture Communications)

Marshall Pynkoski (Opera Atelier)

Natasha Bood (Toronto Symphony Orchestra)

Sarah John (Summerhill Orchestra)

Victoria Schwarzl (National Ballet of Canada, Emerging Arts Critic program)

i appreciate you all and believe very much in what you do...looking forward to the next year of great music, opera, ballet, film and the lawd knows what :)